Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Managing Change:You need To Be "Unreasonable".

Managerial dynamism Stacy (1992) said lies in the territory of "unbounded instability" where leadership role in change management requires what George Bernard Shaw,argued "all progress indeed,depends on unreasonable men since only unreasonable men endeavour to adapt the world to themselves instead of adapting themselves.........." to the irrationality of men (sic).
What Shaw simply implied is that for a leader to achieve his goals (personal and organizational),he must do the extra-ordinary even when it appears ordinary by changing the world around him instead of the world changing him;because it is wont for people to want to remain where they are,being their comfort zone.It is perfectly human.

Even so,it is Stacy's view that managing 'unbounded instability' signifies that leaders or managers in the organization must accept the fact that the state of affairs will be in constant flux,that they possess no fixed idea or notion about the long-term prospects of the business.For progress to be made therefore,new approaches must be engaged in the fore knowledge that 'instability and crisis' must exist to generate new perspectives, that provoke continuous questioning of the status quo,which an unkown and unknowable future creates and can be created and discovered.In other words, leadership must in a strategic manner create the organization's future through innovation and continuous change, incremental and large; creatively destroying the old for the new.

William Gates,founder and former chairman of technology giant Microsoft,offers his insight on the subject when he said,"we must read,ask questions,explore,go to lectures,compare our notes and findings with each other,consult experts,day dream,brainstorm,formulate and test hypothesis, build models and simulations,communicate what we are learning and practice new skills".Conceptually, Gates has effectively enunciated and framed the boundaries of a knowledge organization driven by continuous learning,a framework in turn enabled by the demands of industry in constant state of change."Unbounded instability" demands no less of all organizations that want to remain competitive and survive in their industry category; a degree 'of unreasonableness' from leaders to achieve this long term goals is a sine qua non.
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